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Advanced equipment ensures quality
Years of packaging industry design, the elite team personally check
Worry free after sale
The company has introduced a whole set of new full-automatic packaging box production equipment, such as imported four-color printing machine, Canon digital typewriter, automatic cutting prototype, beer machine, glue
We provide one-stop service of packaging design solution, graphic drawing and product proofing for free. Hualu packaging has the conditions of professional customized production, which can meet the customized needs of your gift box.
All the products are certified by environmental protection, and the products are delivered to the door by our own delivery team. Always take the customer as the center, establish the perfect service system, have the special person to serve before, during and after sale.
Production experience
Production experience
Service guarantee
After sale guarantee
Service guarantee
After sales guarantee
About Hualu packaging
About us
Yiwu Hualu Packing Co., Ltd. is located in Jinhua, the fourth metropolitan area of Zhejiang Province Zhujiang Street Economic Development Zone (shuning bedding factory), Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, was registered in Yiwu market supervision and Administration Bureau on December 30, 2014, with a registered capital of 500000 yuan. In the six years of the company's development, we have always provided good product and technical support and sound after-sales service for customers. Our company mainly deals in general commodity packaging services (excluding printing); production and sales of packaging boxes, paper products (excluding Publications), handbags, bags, stationery (the above business scope does not include printing), arts and crafts (excluding electroplating); sales of sporting goods (excluding books, newspapers, audio-visual products and electronic publications); import and export of goods and technology. (projects that need to be approved according to law can only be operated after being approved by relevant departments).

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182 5892 9988
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